One on One Training

If you can’t find the time to make the group class, or you might have a dog that isn’t quite ready for the challenging class environment then  one-on-one training will be a great option.  The one hour appointments are arranged to suit your schedule.  Training can rarely be successful with only one session so I offer a package deal ensure progress is being made.
3 hourly sessions $200

Terms and Conditions

Must be completed within 3 months of initial session

Time limit is to ensure consistency to help your dog be successful.  This discount rate is not intended for casual training.   Cancellation fees:  Completed sessions are charged at $80, cancellation fee is $20.

Home Training / Behavioural Modification

Problem behaviours don’t just happen overnight and as a result they do not get fixed overnight.  Serious issues require training which may take multiple sessions to overcome. To ensure the best possible results owners need to be guided through the training process with an expert.   An assessment will be made at your property with a follow up written report  and quote for training recommendations.

Issues often dealt with:

  • Minor aggression* or reactivity towards dogs, people, cats, etc.
  • Resource guarding (food, toys)
  • Jumping up on people
  • Not coming when called
  • Barking or lunging at dogs or people
  • Fearful or shy dogs
  • Obsessive behaviors

The initial evaluation will last around 90 minutes.  A written assessment and training plan will be provided within three business days.  Follow up phone call to check on progress.  Cost $150.     Travel costs may be incurred.

Follow up lessons (within 60 days)  if required are charged at $85 per 90 minute session (travel costs additional).

*Serious aggression problems are not within my realm of training or behaviour modification.