I am Rebecca Roper, owner of OK K9s Dog Training.  I am based in Kerikeri and have been offering training to Far North Region since 2002.  I follow a strong code of ethics in working with dogs and am a member of the APDTNZ (Association of Pet Dog Trainers, NZ) since their inception as well as the PG (Pet Professional Guild) which is an international organisation.   There is no need for shock, pain, fear, force or intimidation in training.  I do believe in effective management while training the behaviours that we want from our dogs.

For me, training is about improving the canine-human relationship by better communication.  Your dog doesn’t start out immediately knowing what it is you want from them, so we need to make sure we communicate effectively.   I use dog friendly positive reinforcement when training by taking advantage of the dog’s motivation (whether it be food, toys or praise).  The training I provide isn’t just about teaching dogs to have good manners.  I want to help owners to understand their dogs and build a wonderful relationship by:

  • Using positive reinforcement and your dog will learn what behaviours are acceptable.
  • Communicating effectively and your dog will learn to pay attention to you.
  • Learning to ‘listen’ to dog, keep him safe and he will have more reason to listen to you.

Living in Kerikeri since 1996 I’ve owned four dogs and have trained them all to be very successful in agility competitions in both local and national events.  This sport requires a high level of training which can really bond the ‘team’.   Using force, fear or intimidation with your dog simply leads to confusion, distrust and a breakdown in the relationship and is simply unnecessary.  

Rebecca Roper

Professional Background:

  • Full Member of APDTNZ since its inception in 2009
  • Full Member of the PPG since 2013
  • Presented modern dog training workshops in Auckland & Whangarei
  • Presented clicker training workshops in Kerikeri
  • Past dog trainer for the Bay of Islands SPCA

Conferences and Workshops Attended

YearLocation EventSpeaker
2018AucklandAPDTNZ ConferenceCristine Dahl (USA)
2017AucklandAPDTNZ ConferenceNando Brown & Jo-Rosie Haffenden UK
2016AucklandAPDTNZ ConferencePat Miller (USA)
2013AucklandClicker Training WorkshopDebra Millikan (AU)
2012AucklandLearning About DogsDr. Sophia Yin (USA)
2012AucklandAPDTNZ ConferenceKim Moeller (USA) Sue Walsh (NZ)
2011North ShoreCanine MassageBeth Parton NZ
2011WellingtonAPDTNZ ConferenceGabrielle Carter (AU)  Teresa Crich (AU)  Jean Donaldson (USA) Dr. Nicki Cross (NZ)
2010HamiltonAgility WorkshopSusan Garrett (CAN)
2010WellingtonAPDTNZ ConferenceProf. Kevin Stafford (Massey) Debra Millikan (AU)
2008Sydney, AUAPDT AustraliaRoger Abrantes (Portugal)  Pamela Dennison (USA)  Jennifer Messer (CAN)
2008AucklandLearning About DogsDr Ian Dunbar (UK/USA)
2007HamiltonAgility WorkshopGreg Derrett UK
2004AucklandBehavioural ProblemsDr. Kersti Seksel (AU)
2004AucklandLearning About DogsKay Laurence (UK)