Use your movement to indicate to your dog whether he should speed up, slow down or stop.  Initially we teach this as part of the lead out but it will also be used anywhere on the agility course.

In these exercises, you will leave your dog in a stay and walk away 3-4 meters, with your back to your dog.  Look over your shoulder and release them from the stay.  Your dog should come to you on the correct side (if you look over your right shoulder he should come to your right side).

In this video the exercises take place with the dog facing a row of jumps.

Exercise 1 –  Call your dog while you stand still.

Exercise 2 – As you call your dog start to move but then stop, giving your dog time to react and come to you.

Exercise 3 – As you call your dog start running so that your dog passes you.  You can reward with a toy thrown forward or a tug game with you.