About me

Rebecca Roper, owner of OK K9s Dog Training

I have over 15 years experience in training dogs and their owners in Kerikeri and the Northland Region.  The training I provide isn't just about teaching dogs to have good manners.  I want to help owners to understand their dogs and build a wonderful relationship by:

  • Using positive reinforcement and your dog will learn what behaviours are acceptable.
  • Communicating effectively and your dog will learn to pay attention to you.
  • Learning to ‘listen’ to dog, keep him safe and he will have more reason to listen to you.


I’ve been a full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers NZ since its formation in 2009.  The APDTNZ believes that all dogs are effectively trained through dog friendly training techniques.  There is no need to use punishment based methods.   I am also a full member of the Pet Professional Guild who represents pet trainers, pet behaviour consultants, pet care service providers & veterinarians across the globe.  No Compulsion Based Methods are employed to train or care for a pet. 

No Shock, No Pain, No Choke, No Fear, No Physical Force.  

Being part of these organisations has allowed me to continually upskill by attending conferences, workshops and webinars as well as network with other likeminded individuals and other professional dog trainers.

Over the past 17 years I've personally trained five dogs (four of my own) to successfully compete in agility.    It’s taught me a great deal about building motivation in my dogs.  It never ceases to amaze me what they are capable of doing.  

-Rebecca Roper

Professional Background:

  • Current dog trainer for the Bay of Islands SPCA
  • Presented modern dog training workshops in Auckland & Whangarei
  • Presented clicker training workshops in Kerikeri
  • Part time trainer for a service dog organisation
  • Executive committee member of the APDTNZ
  • Full Member of APDTNZ since its inception in 2009
  • Full Member of the PPG since 2013

Professional Development

  • APDTNZ Conference Pat Miller (USA) Auckland 2016
  • Clicker Training Workshop for CAP withDebra Millikan (Aust) Auckland 2013
  • Learning About Dogs with Dr. Sophia Yin,(USA) Auckland  2012
  • APDTNZ Conference:Kim Moeller (USA),  Sue Walsh (NZ) Auckland 2012
  • Canine Massage workshop withBeth Parton (NZ) Auckland 2011
  • APDTNZ Conference: Gabrielle Carter (Aust), Teresa Crich (Aust) , Jean Donaldson (USA) , Dr. Nicki Cross (NZ) Wellington 2011
  • Dog Training and Agility Workshop with Susan Garrett(CAN) Hamilton 2010
  • APDTNZ Conference: Prof. Kevin Stafford (Massey) , Karin Larsen Bridge (Aust) ,Debra Millikan (Aust)  Wellington 2010
  • APDT Australia Conference:Roger Abrantes (Portugal), Pamela Dennison (US), Jennifer Messer (CAN)  Sydney 2008
  • Learning About Dogs with Ian Dunbar (UK/USA) Auckland 2008
  • Agility Training withGreg Derrett (UK)  Hamilton  2007
  • Behavioural Problems – Dr. Kersti Seksel (Aust) Auckland 2007
  • Learning About Dogs Clicker Training with Kay Laurence (UK) Auckland 2007