Class Withdrawal policy:

There are no refunds once class has commenced. Class sizes are small which allows personal attention but requires your commitment to attend. 

Group training is about exposing your dog to other people and dogs in a safe and controlled manner.  Dropping out of  a class diminishes the experience for the others.  The spot you leave vacant is a spot that someone else could have taken.

I am unable to offer make-up sessions for missed classes. I run too many classes to for that to be an option. Private training is available.

Private Training policy:

The package deal for private training is for a three month period, after the first session commences. There is no refund after the session starts.

If you are unsure as to whether you can commit to the training package you must declare this before we start. Price for the initial session will be charged at $90. You then have 7 days to pay the balance of $120 for the full package price.

If after 7 days, you choose to continue with training, the following two sessions will be charged at a total $160. This offer is only valid for 3 weeks from the first session.