Clicker training fun!

Free Shaping fun today!

I decided to some clicker training with my dogs this afternoon.  It’s been a while but they certainly still remember the concept of ‘try something and see if I get a click’. Today  I used a basketball, something they’ve never seen before.

Watching a full shaping session can be a little boring (unless you really love watching your dog problem solve like I do) so I’ve edited it down to an easy viewing.  Each dog had less than 4 minutes and each offered a unique behaviour which I tried to capture.   I didn’t overlay any music because I wanted to demonstrate what action was getting the click and that I wasn’t speaking to them (until the end of the session).   I did have a good laugh at Ted’s behaviour of choice!  In fact, I was laughing so much I forgot to click!

It’s so much fun to see how creative they can be and how shaping really gets them thinking.

So, which behaviour was your favourite?