All training methods used are fun for dog and owner. Learn how to understand your dog and improve your relationship.

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No Shock, No Pain, No Choke, No Fear, No Intimidation

PUPPY PRESCHOOL  (ages 8 – 13 weeks)

Young puppies need to be able to mix safely with others to start building confidence.  Puppy Preschool class starts the training and relationship building  process in a supervised and controlled indoor setting. Class size is limited 5 puppies.  Term is 4 weeks, Cost is $120

The NZVA guidelines state that socialisation of puppies has become accepted as necessary for puppy development.  Socialisation is vital. Socialisation means puppies and dogs learn how to interact within their worlds.  Well socialised puppies are much less likely to develop behavioural problems. The Puppy Preschool I offer is designed to help owners and their pups understand just what they need to be doing for their puppy (and what to avoid) in a carefully managed and safe environment. 

As per NZVA Position Statement on Responsible Dog Ownership, the aim is to “expose puppies to a wide range of people, children, other animals and novel experiences during the critical socialisation phase of 3-14 weeks when they are most accepting of novel experiences.    Care must be taken to mitigate the risks of infection as vaccination courses will not have been completed until 16 weeks of age. Careful management of an early socialisation programme (e.g. avoiding areas that are known to be high risk, mixing only with vaccinated dogs, and attending puppy pre-schools) will minimise the risks of contracting an infectious disease.”

PUPPY MANNERS  (ages 18 weeks to 8 months)

Once your pup is old enough to explore the world, their lead walking and listening skills need to be well understood in order to keep them safe.  This is a foundation class for teaching those appropriate behaviours.  Specific puppy raising problems are discussed.  Classes are held outdoors in a safe, fenced area.  Class size is limited 6 puppies.  Term is 5 weeks, Cost is $125

Dogs over 8 months and those interested in agility training.

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