All training methods used are fun for dog and owner. Learn how to understand your dog and improve your relationship.

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No Shock, No Pain, No Choke, No Fear, No Intimidation

PUPPY PRESCHOOL  (ages 8 – 14 weeks)

Young puppies need to be able to mix safely with others to start building confidence.  Puppy 1 class starts the training and relationship process in a supervised and controlled indoor setting. Class size is limited 5 puppies.  Term is 4 weeks, Cost is $110

PUPPY MANNERS  (ages 18 weeks to 8 months)

Once your pup is old enough to explore the world, their lead walking and listening skills need to be well understood in order to keep them safe.  This is a foundation class for teaching those appropriate behaviours.  Specific puppy raising problems are discussed.  Classes are held outdoors in a safe, fenced area.  Class size is limited 6 puppies.  Term is 5 weeks, Cost is $110

Dogs over 8 months and those interested in agility training.

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