Puppy 2

Puppy 2 is designed for young dogs who are not quite mature enough to handle the Good Manners course.  Where the preschool course focuses on learning with some playing,  this class is more about improving the relationship between dog and human.  As puppies approach gain confidence behaviours that were once good as a puppy tends to diminish.   Confident dogs are certainly desired but they need to understand that responding to their human is most important.  It's our job to keep our puppies safe.

Class focuses on:

  • Listening to owner around distractions
  • Lead walking skills
  • Improve sit and down behaviours and introduce stay
  • Recall games
  • Impulse control games

Class Requirements:    

  • Dog on harness (No choker chains)
  • Standard lead (No retractable leads)
  • Treats
  • Not dog/people aggressive.

Term:    5-week term, cost $100,  each class 1 hr in length

Prerequisite: Puppy must be current with vaccinations and worming and be in good health. Dog aggressive dogs may not be suitable for this class.

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