Group Classes

All training methods used are fun for dog and owner. Learn how to understand your dog and improve your relationship.    No Shock, No Pain, No Choke, No Fear, No Physical Force


Puppy Class

Ages 3-5 months

Location:  Charmdog Daycare, Kerikeri

Help your puppy learn bite inhibition as well as valuable social skills (with dogs and people). Teach your dog to be a polite, well-mannered and confident dog.  Learn about foundation training using force free methods to teach sit, down, come and stay.          

Good Manners

Ages 5 months & older

Location: Kapiro Road, Kerikeri

Continue your dog's education in order to proof their basic obedience cues and develop good manners. You will learn how to deal with distractions, gain your dog's focus and build a great relationship. 

Teamwork & Focus

Ages 10 months & older

Location: Charmdog Daycare, Kerikeri

Consider your relationship with your dog as a team which needs clear communication. Off lead exercises are used to build teamwork, focus and fitness leading on to agility.        

Agility 1

Ages 12 months & older

Location: Kapiro Road, Kerikeri

Introductory obstacles and handler skills are taught in this class. Includes a variety of jumps, tunnels and ramp work. 

Clicker Training

Ages 10 months & older

Location: Charmdog Daycare, Kerikeri

Basic clicker skills are introduced.  Teach tricks for both fun, function and fitness. Learn about shaping and breaking down behaviours to get desired results to be on cue.  

Individual Training

Online Learning

Cancellation refund policy: If you choose to withdraw from any classes you will be charge a rate of $20 for each class up to the withdrawal date, plus a $15 cancellation fee. Refunds may take up to 30 days to process
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